June 14, 2016

Planning & Zoning Minutes
Maine Prairie Township
June 14, 2016

Planning and Zoning meeting opened at 7:00 p.m.

Motion by Zoning Administrator Froehling/Supervisor Loewen to approve May 10, 2016 Planning and Zoning meeting minutes. All in favor, motion passed.

New Business
John Loch – Land Split:  Lois Loch and son, along with Craig Wensmann, Borgelt Powell Surveyors were present to request approval to split 9.2 acres off their property in the A-80 zoning district. Motion by Supervisor Loewen/Supervisor Kuechle to authorize approval to sign the preliminary plat of Scenic Acres. All in favor, motion carried.

Kimball Clean Water Association/Bob Stein:  The Kimball Clean Water Association representatives and local residents requested that the Board adopt a Moratorium on new feedlots and/or restrict sensitive areas in the Township by sections until an Ordinance can be adopted pertaining to feedlots. After Board discussion, Supervisor Loewen moved to adopt a Moratorium on new feedlots from Highway 15 east to School Section Lake and north to Dellwood Road. Motion died for lack of second. The Board tabled this subject until the July 12th Board meeting. The Board requested residents/association to bring for further discussion at the July 12th meeting, factual evidence supporting their position that this area around School Section Lake is sensitive to the wells and water table aquifer.

Zoning Administrator Froehling presented five (5) permits for approval as follows:

Kevin KrippnerApproach off 197th & Eden Rd$50.00
Aric Chaney24’ X 30’ Garage w/10’ sidewalls$50.00
Donald Olson12’ X 12’ Screened Porch,53’ X 46’ New Home$100.00
David Klema36’ X 48’ Shed w/14’ sidewalls,Driveway off 78th Ave$50.00
Dianne Gregory32’ X 77’ House; 10’ X 15’ Accessory Structure$100.00

There were five (5) county permits issued and reviewed.

  • David Klema -    48’ X 36’ Accessory Structure
  • Donald Olson-   53’ X 46’ Home
  • Donald Olson-  12’ X 12’ Screened Porch
  • Michael Palmer-77’ X 32’ House
  • Michael Palmer-10’ X 15’ Water-Oriented Accessory Structure

Motion by Supervisor Kuechle/Chair Wicker to approve permits as presented. All in favor, motion carried.

There being no further business, Motion by Zoning Administrator Froehling/Supervisor Kuechle to adjourn Planning and Zoning at 7:45 p.m. and reconvene to Board meeting. All in favor, motion carried.

Respectfully submitted,

Lori Hunt