August 2, 2016

Planning & Zoning Minutes
Maine Prairie Township
August 2, 2016

Order of meeting changed to accommodate speakers. Supervisor Kuechle moved to modify agenda and start with the presentations, seconded by Supervisor Loewen. All in favor, motion carried.

Planning and Zoning meeting opened at 8:45 p.m.

Motion by Supervisor Kuechle/Supervisor Loewen to approve July 12, 2016 Planning and Zoning meeting minutes. All in favor, motion carried.

New Business:
Ben Fox Zoning Issue – Ben Fox brought a Rezoning Recommendation Form requesting approval from the Board to rezone thirty (30) acres of his property that is zoned Ag-80 to Industrial. After discussion as to whether to rezone thirty (30) acres, of which fifteen (15) of these acres are useable since a large portion of the property is swamp land, it was agreed to table this matter until the September 13th Planning and Zoning meeting. Clerk Hunt to seek advisement from Atty. Mike Couri, questioning if a sunset provision or clause could mandate  that the acreage be zoned back to agriculture, should the operation be sold or cease to exist.

Zoning Administrator Froehling presented three (3) permits for approval as follows:

Randy MeierhoferDriveway off of 133rd Avenue$50.00
Randy MeierhoferNew Home with attached garage$100.00
Ryan Jansky16’ X 26’ Addition on House$50.00

There were no County permits for review.

Motion by Chair Wicker/Supervisor Loewen to approve permits as presented. All in favor, motion carried

Old Business:
Kelly A. Warren, Attorney/Certificate of Compliance to Re-Set Boundary Lines;
Donald M. Schmitt, Ronald A. Mathies, Jeffrey and Jennifer Jacobs, Norbert & Elaine Donnay:  Supervisor Kuechle moved to rescind the July 12, 2016 motion to grant a Certificate of Compliance to Jeffrey Jacobs for administrative subdivisions for these parcels. Seconded by Chair Wicker, all in favor, motion carried.

Kelly A. Warren, Attorney, is assisting the clients listed above, with a rather complicated set of transfers to re-set boundary lines. The four parties have found that the deeded properties do not reflect possession lines. Jeff Jacobs appeared before the Board on behalf of the parties listed, to obtain a Certificate of Compliance to move forward with administrative subdivisions for these parcels. Motion by Supervisor Kuechle/Zoning Administrator Froehling to grant a Certificate of Compliance to re-set boundary lines for the four (4) listed properties. All in favor, motion carried.

There being no further business, motion by Supervisor Loewen/Supervisor Kuechle to adjourn Planning and Zoning at 9:20 p.m. and reconvene to the Board meeting. All in favor, motion carried.

Respectfully submitted,

Lori Hunt