April 18, 2017

Special Meeting
83rd Avenue Road Improvement Meeting
April 18, 2017

Attendees:  Mayor Tammy Konz, Council Members Aaron Dahlinger, Megan Kiffmeyer, Sheryl Carlson, Supervisors John Wicker and Ronald Kuechle, Chair Dennis Loewen, Clerk/Treasurer Lori Hunt, Deputy Clerk Robinson and Jean Doran Matua.

The meeting was called to order by Chair Loewen at 7:00 with pledge to the flag.

The purpose of this meeting was to discuss 83rd Avenue Project, a road jointly owned by Maine Prairie Township and the City of Kimball. This special meeting was called to discuss what to do with the road and how to pay for it.

A bid proposal to remove, rebuild and repave 83rd Avenue was advertised. The Township received six bids, but these must be rejected because the bid package did not include a Responsible Contractor Compliance Affidavit. Also, since the time bids were let for the project, 83rd Avenue experienced severe damage due to frost heaves, therefore eliminating reclaiming asphalt from the original bid proposal.

The cost of the project and payment options were discussed by the City of Kimball and Maine Prairie Township. Mayor Konz stated that the City of Kimball could come up with $50,000 as of right now, and the remaining debt to be bonded.

The option of using concrete over asphalt was also discussed, Mayor Konz to follow up with Randy Sabart on this issue.

A plan of action was discussed and agreed upon by both governmental bodies. The plan was agreed upon as follows:

  • Close the road from CR 44 North to the intersection of 135th Street beginning April 19.
  • Remove the bituminous surface from the roadway. The township and the city will work together to do this work. The bituminous will be stockpiled to be reclaimed later. The road will be reopened after bituminous is removed.
  • Rebid the job for just the dirt work portion of the project, returning it to a gravel road with a proper base. Approximately $150,000.00 worth of work after the blacktop is removed. The City of Kimball and Maine Prairie Township will be working together in this bid process. A bid notice will be published in the Tri-County News.
  • Rebid and pave the road next year. Again the city and township will be working together in the bidding process.

Since two governmental entities are jointly bidding the project, a joint bidding agreement needs to be signed by both parties before bids are accepted. This agreement designates one of the two entities to notice the bids in the newspaper, receive the bids, ultimately award the bids, enter into a contract, oversee construction, and pay the contractor. The other party usually gets the right to approve or deny the bids before the bids are formally accepted, and then must pay the contracting municipality once the payments are processed. The agreement sets out which party pays for what portion of the project. 

Chair Loewen moved to reject any and all bids received at the April 11, 2017 Board meeting for 83rd Avenue Road Improvement Project. Seconded by Supervisor Kuechle. All in favor, motion carried.

Clerk Hunt to eliminate item #3, sawing bituminous pavement and item #11, full depth reclamation from the original bid form, leaving the remaining items #’s 1-16. Supervisor Loewen moved to rebid in partnership with the City of Kimball item #’s noted 1-16. Seconded by Supervisor Wicker. All in favor, motion carried.

Council Member Dahlinger moved to rebid the project in partnership with Maine Prairie Township with agreed item #’s 1-16 on the bid form. Seconded by Council Member Kiffmeyer. All in favor, motion carried.

Clerk Hunt to send minutes of this meeting, all bidding documents and bid notice to Nicole at the City of Kimball.

Clerk Hunt was instructed to send the rebid package to the six (6) contractors who responded to the original bid package, once finalized.

Motion by Supervisor Kuechle, seconded by Supervisor Wicker to adjourn the meeting at 7:55 pm. All in favor, motion carried

Respectively Submitted by:

Lori Hunt