Permit Policy

On May 22, 2012, the Township Board repealed in its entirety the ordinance titled “Maine Prairie Ordinance Adopting the Minnesota State Building Code” adopted on June 13, 2000. This does not mean that contractors do not have to follow the state building code.  Any LICENSED contractor must, by law, follow all state and county building codes.  Make sure you hire a licensed contractor that you can trust when you are planning any building. 
Since the Township is no longer enforcing the state building code, the Township will no longer be responsible for inspections. All new construction must meet all applicable codes.
Any inspections required to be done will be at the owner’s expense.
Proposed New Platted Land: A draft of a new designed plat needs to be submitted at a Planning and Zoning meeting. If you need a  variance or rezoning hearing you will need to speak to a supervisor and appear before the Board. A notice of  hearing will need to be published in the Tri-County News for two weeks prior to the hearing. The cost for a hearing is $150.00. Documents will be filed with Stearns County. There will be an additional fee of $50.00 for issuance of a Certificate of Compliance.
Land use permits are needed for erection and construction of all residential structures, utility sheds over 100 sq.ft., pole sheds and decks. You will still need to contact the Township for a land use permit.  This is to make sure that all setbacks and county rules are met. 
Business signs have a size limit and will require a permit at a cost of $50.00.
Trailer homes need a permit at a cost of $100.00.
In-home business needs a Provisional Use Permit at a one-time cost of $50.00.
You will need to appear before the Board for mining.
There is no charge for a demolition/building removal permit. The purpose for this permit is to remove the building from the Estimated Market Value of your property.
If you disturb an acre or more of land, you will need to contact Stearns County Environmental Services for a permit. 

When Applying for a Permit

  1. Provide a sketch showing setbacks from roads, property lines, nearest buildings and septic/well.
  2. Contact Zoning Administrator or Clerk for application.
  3. New home construction, bedroom or bathroom additions require a construction site permit from Stearns County Environmental Services.

Fee Schedule:

New Home Construction $100.00
Additions to homes including decks50.00
Detached garage50.00
Utility sheds (100 sq.ft. or larger)50.00
Farm Buildings/grain bin storage50.00
Public hearings for variances, interim use & provisional use permits150.00
Demolition permitsNo charge

Township Penalties for not getting a permit

  1. Township may require owner to move or remove anything constructed without a permit.
  2. Fines for not getting proper permits are $500.00.

Contact for all Township permits is Chuck Froehling, Zoning Administrator, 320-398-7512.