Gravel Pit Policy

February 14, 2006 Board Meeting

Review and Repeal Ordinance #2
Concerning Mining and Processing Gravel

Change Memorandum for Gravel Pit Ordinance in Maine Prairie Township.

Comparison of the township MOU with County Ordinance; with the understanding that the county rules are followed first, the township has stricter rules and that is what is being repealed to make the township rules more strict.

  1. Dollar amount of reclaiming – Take the estimated cost of reclaiming and add a percentage, which would be the amount required in the form of a bond held until the reclaiming takes place.
  2. Property lines for hot mix plant to be 1000’ from any residence and 200’ from any residence for a mining permit.
  3. A one (1) year renewal of interim use permit instead of every two years.

Because the township wanted to be more restrictive with rules applied to the gravel pits. Knowing each gravel pit situation is different, such as location of a prospective gravel plant, whether it is for mining or hot mix, and time being asked for per permit; the rules will be set per situation at the time the permit is issued.

Each item the committee reviewed and suggested for change:

  1. Hearing Permit cost $150.00 plus any additional fees incurred for EAW if needed and a onetime interim use permit for bituminous processing shall be subject to an annual renewal. Other interim use permits shall be for such duration as approved by the township.
  2. Bituminous processing shall not be conducted close to the property line a distance of 1000’ from any residential unit is required.
  3. Processing or mining fifty (50) feet from any public road right-a-way and 200’ from any residence.
  4. Dollar amounts for reclaiming were discussed but no definitive decision was made. Suggestion was to set a value of the land and get a bond for a percentage of that land.
  5. If an area had not been mined for two (2) years, the permit is null and void and a new permit will need to be applied for.
  6. A permit will be pulled if the rules are not followed, thus the yearly permit renewal.

The Maine Prairie Townships Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) will read to have the setbacks for Gravel Pits and Bituminous plants as follows: for bituminous plants the setback of 1000’ from a dwelling, process and mining setbacks 200’ from a dwelling, 30’ from property lines, 50’ from road right-a-ways and annual renewal of interim use permits for bituminous plants and mining permits.

Effective date February 14, 2006