August 30, 2016

August 30, 2016

Council members present: Mayor Tammy Konz, Paula Capes, Megan Kiffmeyer, Eric Loewen, Aaron Dahlinger.

Township members present: Supervisors Ron Kuechle, Dennis Loewen, John Wicker, Clerk/Treasurer Lori Hunt.

The meeting was called to order by Chair Wicker at 7:00 with pledge to the flag.

New Business:
83rd Avenue Road Improvements:  83rd Avenue is a shared road with the City of Kimball and Maine Prairie Township. Both parties agree that a course of action needs to be established in moving forward with 83rd Avenue road improvements.

Two options of improvements were discussed.

First option:  Remove asphalt, mill and windrow. Then, sub cut about one (1) foot of remaining material and replace with fabric and class five (5) gravel. After that, add two (2), two (2) inch lifts of bituminous for a total estimated project cost of $150,000.00. 83rd Avenue measures approximately 2,660 feet long and 21 feet wide.

Second option:  A total re-build or reconstruct. After reviewing the preliminary boring results received from Independent Testing Technologies, this option may be necessary in order to assure longevity of the road. An estimated project cost for the total reconstruct is approximately $300,000.00. There was some discussion as to adding an extra 4 feet along one side for a walking/bike path. The City of Kimball would be responsible for this cost.

Supervisor Loewen to contact Independent Testing Technologies and Randy Sabart, of SEH (Short Elliott Hendrickson) to set up separate site visits to give estimates and discuss the proposed work. Estimates needed by September 15 to the City of Kimball to budget for 2017.

Old Business:
Shared Road Agreement:
Motion by Supervisors Loewen/Kuechle to authorize approval to sign the Shared Road Maintenance Agreement with the City of Kimball. All in favor, motion carried.

Discussion Items:
After the November election, Chair Wicker and Council Member Eric Loewen will attend a Kimball School Board meeting and further invite the Kimball School Board, along with the City Council Members and the Maine Prairie Town Board to gather together at the Maine Prairie Town Hall in hopes of creating a more positive community connection.

Motion by Erik Loewen seconded by Dennis Loewen to adjourn the meeting at 7:55pm. All in favor, motion carried

Respectively Submitted by:

Lori Hunt